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A new Video Podcast: Running Doc Unhinged. Subscribe Today!

The video podcast that I've been working on for many months is finally being RELEASED TODAY. I'd love for you to check it out and subscribe to my channel, as well as to spread the word to as many people you know. The Podcast, called Running Doc Unhinged, is an inside look into the world of healthcare from my perspective as a practicing primary care doctor. As I go for runs through many of the most beautiful locations in my home state of Maryland I will discuss a wide variety of issues ranging from the risks and benefits of medical interventions, how to look after your interests as a patient, and how our political and health care leaders are leading us down a precarious road. The podcast is perfect for anyone who has questions about healthcare for themselves or a family member.

Here is a link to my Channel. To Subscribe, click the small red "Subscribe" button in the channel's upper right corner

I will be releasing a new Episode approximately every week starting in 2018 covering many topics, keeping you informed about the complicated world of healthcare through the lens of a primary care doctor who is right in the middle of it. If you subscribe you will get a notification each week so you never miss new Episodes!

If you have any questions about anything related to healthcare or suggestions for topics for the Podcast, reach out to me directly at I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

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