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A cameo on NPR and a blog at Primary Care Progress

I was interviewed on NPR's morning edition about Lung Cancer Screening with spiral CT scans, an issue we have discussed in this blog. I talked about the need to present patients with real data concerning risks and benefits of the test, including the incredibly high false positive rate. Tune in to NPR, or catch the podcast at NPR's website. Click Here to get to that site. You can also see some theater depictions of absolute risk and benefit on the NPR website, similar to ones we use in Erik Rifkin and my book, Interpreting Health Benefits and Risks: A Practical Guide to Facilitate Doctor-Patient Communication (Springer, 2014).

I also had a blog placed at the Primary Care Progress website. Click Here to access the blog. Check out the site; Primary Care Progress is a national organization that advocates for Primary Care doctors and has been working to improve medical student interest in primary care.

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