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"A fascinating look at how Medicare must change."

-Kirkus Reviews


"Passionate, smart, and a little terrifying."

-Washington Monthly

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Learn the hidden truth about Geriatric Medicine and the Health Care of the Elderly by a Practicing Physician who has studied the issues and who works every day under Medicare's shadow.




Curing Medicare


"The most tragic part is that Medicare itself is financing and encouraging the very aggressive care that is its own dagger."


Medicare needs to be cured in order to truly help the people it was designed to aid, and twenty-five-year primary care geriatric physician Andy Lazris is just the doctor to write the prescription. His book, Curing Medicare, begins to reform geriatric health care before your very eyes.


These days, Medicare and our health care system push people on a quest to reverse aging using aggressive tests and treatments that can harm more than help. Elderly patients are defined as lists of diseases and numbers that can be fixed, rather than as whole persons who need much more personal care geared toward improving quality. But aging is not a disease to be cured—it is a life stage to be lived. And aggressive treatments cannot change that fact; they only get in the way.  Fixing the system is easy once we aim to achieve more worthy goals. 


Curing Medicare offers aging Americans hope—and practical advice—by redefining Medicare’s role and resetting the end goals so they benefit elderly patients in real and meaningful ways.





There is now a sizable choir of American physicians recruited from all corners of the profession whose voices are raised in anguish over the difficulty of practicing medicine according to their conscience. Now Dr. Lazris adds Curing Medicare to the repertoire. It is a compelling lament this is, at once, strident and compassionate. It earns Dr. Lazris a position in the front row of the choir.  If only we could fill the pews.

Nortin M Hadler MD MACP MACR FACOEM, Professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina

Author of Rethinking Aging and The Last Well Person

Check out Dr. Lazris's newest book, published by Springer and  co-written with Erik Rifkin, available now at Amazon.  Interpreting Health Benefits and Risks:  A Practical Guide to Facilitate Doctor-Patient Communication


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